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Blues Brothers

This is a rewrite of the Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure game engines developed by Titus Interactive.

Screenshot1 Screenshot2

There is also support for Prehistorik 2.


Blues Brothers

The data files of the Amiga or DOS version, full game or demo, are required.

*.BIN, *.CK1, *.CK2, *.SQL, *.SQV, *.SQZ

For sounds and music, the Amiga version files or the ExoticA set need to be copied.

Jukebox Adventure

The data files of the DOS version are required.

*.EAT, *.MOD

Prehistorik 2

The data files of the DOS version, full game or demo, are required.

*.SQZ, *.TRK


Compared to the original DOS executables, the rewritten engines feature:

  • horizontal scrolling
  • configurable screen size
  • game cheats: unlimited lifes and energy, no hit


By default, the executable loads the data files from the current directory. This can be changed using command line switches.

Usage: blues [OPTIONS]...
  --datapath=PATH   Path to data files (default '.')
  --level=NUM       Start at level NUM
  --cheats=MASK     Cheats bitmask
  --startpos=XxY    Start at position (X,Y)
  --fullscreen      Enable fullscreen
  --scale=N         Graphics scaling factor (default 2)
  --filter=NAME     Graphics scaling filter (default 'nearest')
  --screensize=WxH  Graphics screen size (default 320x200)
  --cga             Enable CGA colors
  --dosscroll       Enable DOS style screen scrolling
  --hybrid          Enable fuchsia color as in Hybrid crack


Blues Brothers, Jukebox Adventure & Prehistorik 2 engine reimplementation (PSP, SDL2)