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zx64 commented Dec 1, 2018

From the comment in SDL_filesystem.h:
Please call SDL_free() on the pointer when you are done with it

When building the project with MSVC, I ran into some debug heap asserts early into the program startup.
The culprit appears to be the code in m_config.c that does free(prefdir) as changing these to SDL_free(prefdir) resolved the issue.

I'm not sure what to do about `GetDefaultConfi

lethal-guitar commented Sep 9, 2019

The loader package defines a constant called INGAME_PALETTE. Originally, this was only needed by the loader package in order to load sprite and tile set textures, but nowadays, it's used in various places throughout the code. Therefore, it seems more sensible to move the constant into the data package. Specifically, data/game_traits.hpp looks like a good place.

This issue is about mov

tobiasger commented Jun 15, 2019

First off I just want to say that the theme tutorials are very detailed and educative! Kudos for that!

Would it be possible to get an update regarding the changed API reference in the theme creation tutorials? I've tried to figure out what the differences are with the updated API, but it feels like some of the new practices aren't explained. I'm especially having trouble with changing and getti

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