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A bot to get notified about changes of the price of a wishlist
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A bot to get notified about changes of the price of a wishlist on Telegram. It uses the python-telegram-bot Framework for talking to Telegram servers. To get the price of the site it uses pyquery as html parser, since there is no official API for grabbing prices.


The GeizhalsBot requires Python > 3.4 to run. Python 3.4 has reached end-of-life. Make sure to use Python 3.5 or later, otherwise you will run into issues.

Setup with Docker

The easiest way to get the bot up and running is via docker. Setup a directory with a file (you can find an example of it here). If you want to make your logs accessible from the outside, add another volume as follows.

Just run the following command to run the bot:

docker run -d --name ghbot --restart always -v /path/to/logs/:/usr/src/bot/logs -v /path/to/ geizhalsbot

Don't forget to exchange the paths mentioned above with paths to your config file and logging directory.

Setup as systemd service

If you don't want to use docker but still want a comfortable way to control the bot, you can create a systemd service.

Create a new file as root in the systemd folder: /etc/systemd/system/geizhalsbot.service. An example systemd configuration can be found in this GitHub Gist. Make sure to change the user and the paths accordingly.

With systemctl start geizhalsbot you can start the bot.
With systemctl status geizhalsbot the current status of the service is shown.
Using systemctl stop geizhalsbot you can stop the service,

More on systemd services can be found on the freedesktop wiki.


  • The bot is triggered on every change - also if that change is only 0,01€. Later one should be able to set threshold values.
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