A GTK user interface for TLP written in Python
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TLPUI - 14.09.2018

The Python scripts in this projects generate a GTK-UI to change TLP configuration files easily. It has the aim to protect users from setting bad configuration and to deliver a basic overview of all the valid configuration values.


  • TLP installed
  • Gtk3 libs installed
  • Python3 installed

Start UI:

  • Download and extract ZIP or pull repository
  • Open terminal and go to specific folder
  • Type: python3 -m tlpui

Current status:

  • Software still in Beta status

What works:

  • Configuration can be read and displayed
  • Shows information about configuration changes (defaults/unsaved)
  • Changes can be saved with user and sudo permissions (/etc/default/tlp)
  • tlp-stat can be load in ui (simple and complete)

To be done:

  • Translation optimizations
  • Implement Debian package build pipeline

Screenshot 28.12.2017