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pitrery: Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) tools for PostgreSQL


pitrery is set of tools to ease the management of PITR backups and restores:

  • Management of WAL segments archiving with compression to a host reachable with SSH or on the local machine

  • Automation of the base backup procedure

  • Restore to a particular date

  • Management of backup retention


  1. Get the source

  2. Edit the

  3. Run make and make install

  4. Run pitrery configure -o pitrery -f [[user@]host:]/path/to/backups (user@host being optional)

  5. Configure WAL archiving (archive_command = 'archive_xlog %p') in PostgreSQL

  6. Run pitrery to perform your backups and restores

The full documentation is available in man pages, or the website :


The source code is available on Github:

pitrery is developed by Nicolas Thauvin under a classic 2 clauses BSD license. See license block in the scripts or the COPYRIGHT file.


Any contribution is welcome. If you have any idea, feature request, question or patch, please contact us on Github:

A mailing list is also available: