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Monitor, optimize and configure multiple PostgreSQL instances.

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Manage your PostgreSQL instance fleet from a unique web interface.


  • Manage hundreds of instances in one interface.
  • Fleet-wide and per-instance dashboards.
  • Monitor PostgreSQL with advanced metrics.
  • Manage running sessions.
  • Track bloat and schedule vacuum on tables and indexes.
  • Track slow queries.
  • Tweak PostgreSQL configuration.

Docker Quickstart

We provide a complete testing environment based on Docker ! Please read our QUICKSTART guide for more details.


temBoard is composed of two services:

  • A lightweight agent that you need to install on every PostgreSQL server you want to manage.
  • A central web app to control the agents and collect metrics.

temBoard project provides packages for RHEL and clones as well as Debian. See for installation instructions.


temBoard is an open project. Any contribution to improve it is welcome.

Want to contribute? Please first read our guide on contributing if you're interested in getting involved.


temBoard is available under the PostgreSQL License.

Candy Scordia drew héron garde-bœuf sketches.