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Thank you for your interest in mutSignatures!

  • version: latest (dev) version, 2.1.5
  • previous versions are available as alternative branches

Notes about the R library

  • integrated R-based computational framework aimed at deciphering DNA mutational signatures

  • provides advanced functions for importing DNA variants, computing mutation types, and extracting mutational signatures via non-negative matrix factorization (NMF)

  • I/O: accepts multiple types of input data (VCF, MAF), is compatible with non-human genomes, and supports the analysis of non-standard mutation types, such as tetra-nucleotide mutation types.

Important differences with previous versions

  • the latest version of mutSignatures (available here on GitHub) fixes a known compatibility issue between older versions of mutSignatures and more recent versions of BSgenome objects. If you get an error while running the attachContext() function, please re-install the latest version of mutSignatures (from GitHub, see below!) and try again.

  • compared to mutSignatures version 1.3.1-7, the latest mutSignature version replaced the plot() method with the msigPlot() method. Please, make sure to use mutSignatures::msigPlot() to build plots (as shown in the vignette attached to the package) especially when reproducing examples from older vignettes. Thanks!


Installation from GitHub

In R, you can run:

devtools::install_github("dami82/mutSignatures", force = TRUE, build_vignettes = TRUE)


  • Damiano Fantini, Vania Vidimar, Yanni Yu, Salvatore Condello, Joshua J Meeks
  • The package was developed at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL (Department of Urology, 2017-2020)
  • The package is still maintained by Damiano Fantini in his free time (Damiano has left academia). Therefore, please be patient when asking for help of submitting new issues! Thanks.


mutSignatures R package - updated (dev) version - 2.1.4






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