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  1. 👋 A replacement for the standard Mac app About dialog.

    Objective-C 160 21

  2. reign-for-spotify Public archive

    The Spotify remote for friends, colleagues, housemates and yourself that works in any browser.

    Objective-C 35 9

  3. DCOURLGrabber Public archive

    Grabs the URL from browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

    Objective-C 10 2

  4. 📝 Acknowledge easily pulls together acknowledgements for libraries, frameworks and code you use in your Xcode project.

    Shell 8 3

  5. 🕺 Doesn't draw the track for NSScrollers. Source:

    Objective-C 6 1

  6. Example implementation of DCOAboutWindow.

    Rich Text Format 5 1


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