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Manage mikrotik routers with .NET C# code via ADO.NET like API or enjoy O/R mapper like highlevel api.
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Unique complex mikrotik API communication solution.

The tik4net project provides easy to use API to connect and manage mikrotik routers via mikrotik API protocol. It has 3 parts:

  • Basic ADO.NET like API - to perform R/W access to mikrotik in both sync and async code (tik4net.dll).
  • O/R mapper like highlevel API with imported mikrotik strong-typed entities. (tik4net.objects.dll)
  • Tools - semi-automatic generators of custom entity C# code (for usage with tik4net.objects.dll)


  • Easy to use with O/R mapper like highlevel API
  • Low level access supported by low level API
  • Stable interface and backward compatibility
  • Broad range of .NET runtimes supported (including .NET core 2 and Xamarin)
  • New mikrotik v.6.43 login process supported
  • Easy to understand and well documented code


Getting started and documentation

Project wiki:


   using (ITikConnection connection = ConnectionFactory.CreateConnection(TikConnectionType.Api))
      connection.Open(HOST, USER, PASS);
   ITikCommand cmd = connection.CreateCommand("/system/identity/print");
   var identity = cmd.ExecuteScalar(); 
   Console.WriteLine("Identity: {0}", identity);
   var logs = connection.LoadList<Log>();
   foreach (Log log in logs)
       Console.WriteLine("{0}[{1}]: {2}", log.Time, log.Topics, log.Message);
   var firewallFilter = new FirewallFilter()
      Chain = FirewallFilter.ChainType.Forward,
      Action = FirewallFilter.ActionType.Accept,
   ITikCommand torchCmd = connection.CreateCommand("/tool/torch", 
      connection.CreateParameter("interface", "ether1"), 
      connection.CreateParameter("port", "any"),
      connection.CreateParameter("src-address", ""),
      connection.CreateParameter("dst-address", ""));

  torchCmd.ExecuteAsync(response =>
         Console.WriteLine("Row: " + response.GetResponseField("tx"));
  Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER");

Builded binaries (dlls) could be downloaded from mikrotik official forum.

Looking for help

  • Importing other classes
  • Looking for betatesters


  • create highlevel classes for all mikrotik entities (you can still generate your own classes)
  • create tiklink project - easy use-to wrapper over mikrotik router with fluent API
  • convert examples to separate unittests (in progress)


  • create and contribute to tiktop (see linux iftop) project

REMARKS: This project is rewritten version of deprecated tik4net at googlecode (last version was 0.9.7.)


  • Apache 2.0.
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