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Grover Logo

What is this?

Grover is a simple interactive Python tool that allows you to craft a complete web server with LEMP stack (nginx, MySQL, PHP7.0), Fail2Ban, Firewall, only-SSH login, disable root account and other tools with simple questions like What is your domain name?

At this time Grover is available only for Ubuntu servers.

Why should I use it?

It's free, open source and simple to use: why not?

Ok, got it. How can I start?

  1. Install pexcept with sudo apt-get install python3-pexpect
  2. Download grover in your server. SSH in it and execute wget
  3. Install python3, if you don't have it (you should, man).
  4. Execute sudo python3 and answer to the questions.


  • Why should I launch the script with sudo privileges?

    • The script needs to update and install packages and edit files, so... It needs them.
  • What is a domain name?

    • Usually the domain name is your site domain without http and www, for example will be If you are using a Load Balancer, type your machine IP.
  • What this will install in my server?

    • PHP7.0
      • FPM
      • CLI
      • mcrypt
      • mbstring
      • GD
      • Secure removing version from public details
    • Git
    • NodeJS
    • npm
    • MariaDB
      • New user (optional, but suggested)
      • New database (optional)
    • Nginx (Web Server)
      • A project folder (in /var/www)
      • HTTPS (optional) with SSL certificate + Auto redirect + HTTP/2
      • Auto-redirect to www. or non-www.
      • Secure removing version from public details
    • Disable root account (suggested)
      • New user with sudo privileges
        • Auto-copy SSH authorized_keys to new user
      • Disable PermitRootLogin (/etc/ssh/sshd_config file)
    • Enable only SSH (disabling password login)
      • Disable PasswordAuthentication (/etc/ssh/sshd_config file)
    • Fail2Ban
    • Firewall (iptables + iptables-persistent)
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