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Render a ShaderToy script directly to a video file. (added FrameBuffers support)
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What is it: creating video from shaders on Shadertoy. Fork from original, source code edited


  1. added texture support, textures in <0.png to 3.png> bind to iTexture<0-3>
  2. added FrameBuffers, same to Buffer<A-D> on Shadertoy, file name Buf<0-3>.glsl, bind to iChannel<0-3> and u_channel<0-3>
  3. added encoding to *.mov (frames without compression), *.webm (v8 codec), both format support RGBA (video with alpha), added --bitrate option to set video bitrate(format 1M 2M..etc)
  4. fixed iTime(start from 0 on shader launch), iFrame work, iTimeDelta, and other


Many shaders(even top rated) on Shadertoy use clamp(1,0,-1)/pow(1,-1)/(0/0)/...etc, that work in not same way(have not same result) in OpenGL and webbrowser Angle/GLES, black screen(or other random "results") because of this. Also remember to set Alpha in main.glsl when recording rgba video. interpolation of fbo is linear


each shader(buffer) use static bindings iChannel0->Buf0.glsl, iChannel1->Buf1.glsl, iChannel2->Buf2.glsl, iChannel3->Buf3.glsl, also added renamed copy of each channel sampler2D u_channel<0-3>, to rebind inside of .glsl shader(using define)

if you need "change" channel order for shader, use in .glsl file (example set BufA as BufC, and BufC as Texture0(0.png file))

#define iChannel0 u_channel3

#define iChannel3 iTexture0

use same way to bind iTexture<0-3> as iChannel<0-3> #define iChannel0 iTexture0

check example folder, command to encode example(example use 3 buffers and one texture):

> cd example

> python3 ../ --output 3.mp4 --size=800x450 --rate=60 --duration=20.0 --bitrate=5M main_img.glsl

to record *.mov or *.webm just change output file to 3.webm or

Example 1 shader src webm video recorded with RGBA and bufA video link

Example 2 shader src mp4 60fps/sec use BufA<->BufB cross reading video link

Example 3 shader src mp4 60fps/sec cross and self reading, this shader used in example folder video link

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