Flat Remix GNOME theme is a pretty simple shell theme
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This theme is available for use under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license.

Flat remix GNOME theme is a pretty simple shell theme. Its design is mostly flat with a subtle use of shadows, highlights and gradients for some depth.

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It was designed specifically for gnome-shell 3.22 but it should work perfectly on any version after gnome-shell 3.16.

This theme was designed to fit with the Flat Remix icon theme.

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If you want to install it manually:

 Download and uncompress the zip file.
 Move "Flat Remix" folder to ".themes" in your home directory.
 Select "Flat Remix" as shell theme in your tweak tools application.

If you prefer to use the terminal:

 cd /tmp
 git clone https://github.com/daniruiz/Flat-Remix-GNOME-theme
 mkdir -p ~/.themes
 mv "Flat-Remix-GNOME-theme/Flat Remix" ~/.themes


You can also support the development of Flat Remix by donating.