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Dapp, Seth, Hevm, and more
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Dapp tools by DappHub


This repository contains the source code of several dapp tools hand-crafted and maintained by DappHub, along with various Nix expressions which are all bundled up into a Nix overlay.


All dependencies and tools can be automaticaly installed by running:

curl | sh

For a manual install, please follow the instructions below.

Install Nix

Make sure you are using Nix v2

curl | sh

# Run this or login again to use Nix
. "$HOME/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/"

Setup Cachix (optional)

If you want to cache the binary builds across several computers, Nix provides several ways of doing this, the most convenient being the Cachix service.

We maintain a public cache which you can use by installing Cachix

nix-env -if --substituters --trusted-public-keys

then running

cachix use dapp

followed by restarting your Nix daemon (if on a multi-user Nix installation)

Manual install

To install tools from this repository, you need to run

git clone --recursive $HOME/.dapp/dapptools
nix-env -f $HOME/.dapp/dapptools -iA dapp seth solc hevm ethsign

which will build and install these tools into your Nix profile, optionally fetching the binaries from the cache if you have configured it.

Installing custom solc versions

For a list of the supported solc versions, check ./nix/solc-versions.nix.

You can specify a solc version to run within dapp with dapp --use solc:x.y.z test, but you can also install solc "standalone" (i.e. add it to your $PATH) with:

   $ nix-env -f $HOME/.dapp/dapptools -iA solc-versions.solc_0_5_0

Versions of solc that haven't yet landed in nixpkgs can be found under the unreleased key: solc-versions.unreleased.solc_x_y_z. Again, refer to ./nix/solc/versions.nix for a list of supported unreleased versions.

NOTE: not all versions are supported on macOS platforms.


Instructions for adding new versions of solc can be found at nix/

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