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pIoT is an open source pico/personal framework for the Internet of Things (IoT). It includes a hardware design for low-cost, low-power, Arduino compatible boards, a C++ library for programming the board and a simple server application that stores data and offers web visualization.

This repo is a container of the three sub repos for hardware design (pIoT-HW), the code that runs in the microcontrollers (pIoT-FW) and the server application (pIoT-SW and pIoT-JS). This repo also includes a wiki with further documentation about the project and a tutorial.


  • pIoT-HW, instructions of how to build the nodes
  • pIoT-FW, the Arduino code that runs on the nodes
  • pIoT-SW, a Java server with a web interface
  • pIoT-JS, a Javascript server that runs on nodejs


I would be really happy to share this project with others!

Drop me an email if you are itnerested: my user name at