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Named constructors have separate namespace #3040

peter-ahe-google opened this issue May 14, 2012 · 5 comments

Named constructors have separate namespace #3040

peter-ahe-google opened this issue May 14, 2012 · 5 comments
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Consider this class:

class Foo {;
  static bar() => new;

This allows you to write:

var a =;
var b = new;

This doesn't seem to be in the spirit of what we set out to achieve when it comes to avoiding multiple name spaces.

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gbracha commented May 14, 2012

I agree this is undesirable. Nevertheless, I'm tentatively categorizing it as an enhancement rather than a defect (a defect is an inconsistency/error in the spec). I agree we should try and fix it.

Set owner to @gbracha.
Removed Type-Defect label.
Added Type-Enhancement, Accepted labels.

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gbracha commented May 29, 2012

Added this to the M1 milestone.

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gbracha commented Jul 4, 2012

Section 7.6 now reads:

A constructor name always begins with the name of its immediately enclosing class, and may optionally be followed by a dot and an identifier id. It is a compile-time error if id is the name of a member declared in the immediately enclosing class.

I think this resolves the issue in the spirit of a single namespace.

Added Done label.

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DartBot commented Aug 31, 2012

This comment was originally written by @mhausner

What about this case:

class A {
  foo() {...}

class B extends A { {...}

The above text would allow this, but what is the semantics? Would the instance method foo, which is inherited by B, get overridden by the named constructor ?

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gbracha commented Aug 31, 2012

In this case, nothing has changed from previous behavior. Constructors never override anything and are not inherited. So A's foo() and the constructor in B do not interact.

@peter-ahe-google peter-ahe-google added Type-Enhancement area-language Deprecated: New language issues should be filed at labels Aug 31, 2012
@peter-ahe-google peter-ahe-google added this to the M1 milestone Aug 31, 2012
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2022-04-19 Update pubspec.yaml (#3025)
2022-04-12 Remove dead field commentRefs, which is always empty (#3021)
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