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Postmortem Templates

This is a collection of postmortem templates derived from various sources such as the Site Reliability Engineering book, The Practice of Cloud System Administration book and other online resources.

Template List

Load templates automatically

It is possible to load the postmortem templates automatically without copy pasting from the files or manually writing the structure every time you want to author an incident report.


You can add the following line into your .vimrc file:

au BufNewFile postmortem-*.md 0r ~/postmortem-templates/templates/postmortem-template-srebook.md


You can add the following line into your .emacs file:

(add-hook 'text-mode-hook (lambda () (when (and (string-prefix-p "postmortem-" (buffer-name)) (= (point-max) (point-min))) (insert-file-contents "~/postmortem-templates/templates/postmortem-template-srebook.md"))))

In both cases the filename pattern is postmortem-*. For example, if you create a file named postmortem-api-outage-2017-05-29.md it will load automatically the predefined template into that file. You can replace both the postmortem template and pattern to match your.


Postmortem resources