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Awesome Site Reliability Engineering Awesome

A curated list of awesome Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.

What is Site Reliability Engineering?

"Fundamentally, it's what happens when you ask a software engineer to design an operations function." - Ben Treynor Sloss, VP Google Engineering, founder of Google SRE


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Monitoring & Observability & Alerting



Capacity Planning

Service Level Agreement



Misc Articles

Real-time Messaging


  • Brendan Gregg's Blog - Highly Technical Blog Posts About Systems Internals, Performance and SRE.
  • Everything Sysadmin - Blog Posts About SysAdmin/DevOps/SRE by Tom Limoncelli.
  • High Scalability - Technical Blog Posts About Systems Architecture.
  • rachelbythebay - Techincal Blog Posts.
  • Susan J. Fowler - Various blog posts about SRE, Software Engineering and Microservices.
  • SysAdvent - One article for each day of December, ending on the 25th article.
  • Stephen Thorne's Blog - Blog Posts About SRE
  • Increment - A digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale.
  • GopherSRE - Blog Posts about Go and SRE.
  • Cindy Sridharan - Blog posts about distributed systems and their management.
  • Blameless Blog - Blog posts about SRE culture and practices.
  • Resilience Roundup - Weekly analysis of Resilience Engineering and Human Factors research designed for software systems
  • Squadcast Blog - Blog posts about SRE best practices, reliability, on-call and incident management.
  • FireHydrant Blog - Posts about complex systems, incident response, and SRE best practices.
  • Rootly Blog - Incident management best practices and guides.
  • Blog - Guides, advice and resources on incident management and response.
  • Blog - Resources on log management, SRE and devOps.


  • DevOpsLinks - A weekly newsletter about SRE, SysAdmin and DevOps news, tools, tutorials and opinions.
  • KubeWeekly - The weekly newsletters for all things Kubernetes. KubeWeekly is curated by Bob Killen, Chris Short, Craig Box, Kim McMahon and Michael Hausenblas
  • SRE Weekly - Weekly Site Reliability Newsletter.
  • O’Reilly Systems Engineering and Operations Newsletter - Weekly systems engineering and operations news and insights from industry insiders.
  • - Chaos Engineering newsletter. All things Chaos Engineering, directly to your inbox!
  • Monitoring Weekly - What's new in monitoring? Curated monitoring articles to your inbox each week.
  • Observability news - Updates around observability (o11y) with a special focus on open source.

Conferences & Meetups


SRE Tools