jamJAR Preferences

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The jamJAR postflight stores it's configuration in the uk.co.dataJAR.jamJAR preference domain.

This can be set via defaults, a plist or (strongly recommended) a profile.

This profile should be installed at the Computer level.

If any keys are not set, then the below defaults are used.


<string>%s %s has been installed</string>
<string>No updates pending</string>
<string>Logout to complete pending updates</string>
<string>Latest version of %s is installed.</string>
<string>/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/Management Action.app/Contents/MacOS/Management Action</string>


This is the directory in which the jamJAR.log is created, this is created via the jamJAR postflight after every run. The log rotates at midnight & appends the date to the old file.


The notification text to display when an item is installed, this requires 2 string placeholders (%s).

These are then passed the following:

  1. Item Name (i.e. Google Chrome).
  2. Item Version (i.e. 56.0.2924.87).


The notification text to display when all pending updates have been installed.


The notification text to display when there are updates pending.

Currently blocking apps or apps requiring a restart action will all trigger this notification.


The notification texts title.

Defaults to jamJAR


The notification text to display when a jamJAR policy is initiated via Self Service & the title attempted to install is up-to-date.

This requires 1 string placeholders (%s), which defaults to Item Name (i.e. Google Chrome).


The path of the application sending the notifications.

Currently only terminal-notifier & Jamf Pro's Management Action have been tested.

If this is defined within jamJAR preferences but is missing, then no notifications are sent when a user is logged in. The only notifications will be from Munki status over the loginwindow.

Defaults to Management Action.


The bundle ID of the application that sent the notification, this is only used for terminal-notifier, but seems that Jamf Pro's Management Action ignores this if sent.

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