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Can I use Dynamic Expresso in a commercial application?

Yes. Dynamic Expresso is licensed using a MIT license that permit to use it in any kind of application. You just need to preserve the original copyright notice.

It is possible to write an expresion that work with list/array/enumerable object?

Yes. From version 0.9 it is possible to execute enumerable extensions method. Unfurtunately only methods that doesn't have lambda or delegate can be used. For example you can use list.Count() or list.Take(3) but not list.Where(x => x > 0). For these cases you can evaluate to use an helper like the one in this example: https://github.com/davideicardi/DynamicExpresso/blob/develop/test/DynamicExpresso.UnitTest/CollectionHelperTests.cs

It is possible to iterate over a list/array/enumerable?

No. Currently there isn't support for iteration statements (foreach, for, do, while, ...).

It is possible to set the working context of the expression?

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23304321/ability-to-set-the-context-of-the-expression/23308125