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Demo about integration between examples of next.js and also fix some issues during development
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Fetching data with Material UI & Dynamic Import

This example allow you to fetch data from api get news from techcrunch using api service:

In this example, I use:

  • Babel config
  • PostCSS config
  • Webpack config: to add plugins allow develop CSS using SCSS
  • Redux
  • Material UI
  • Custom Document
  • Custom Server
  • Next Routes
  • Data fetching
  • Gulp
  • Dynamic import

Basically, Next.JS allow you to use style-jsx package to develop CSS, but in the production mode, html is not minified. I resolved it using gulp allow you to bundle final all scss into css & with postCSS to auto prefix the final css.

You can visit here to know detail about problems that I met during development:

Prefix Domain

go to utils/constants change prefix name whatever you want. In this demo, I choose /news. Then just browse to:


Note: Currently, there is no offical way to configure prefix in next.js. This demo worked well in next.js 3 beta version.



npm i nodemon -g


npm i
npm start


yarn install
yarn start



npm i
npm run production


yarn install
yarn run production


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