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This module will take modules you have installed via NPM and install then into Mimosa's vendor directories for use in your web application.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'npm-web-dependencies' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start mimosa watch or mimosa build.


When mimosa watch and mimosa build starts (also for npmweb command, see below), this module looks at the package.json files for the modules you have indicated you would like to be injected. Inside the package.json it expects to find a main property.

If the main file has no dependencies, like with, for instance, jquery (it is already bundled), then that file is copied into vendor.javascripts directory inside a folder named for the module.

Note: This module does NOT install your NPM dependencies for you. NPM does a great job of that.

Command: mimosa npmweb

This module adds a new command, mimosa npmweb, to your project. When executed, the npmweb command will inject NPM installed libraries into your web application's vendor directories. The npmweb command ignores any cache and installs libraries whether they have changed or not.

Using browserify

If the main file has dependencies on other files, this module will Browserify the library and insert the single file in the vendor.javascripts directory inside a folder named for the module. So, if installing, for instance, Chai, a bundled chai.js would be placed in vendor.javascripts in a chai folder.

package.json cache

After a successful install, this module will update a cache file in the .mimosa/npmWebDependencies folder. This cache prevents repeated unnecessary installs. The cache tracks the package.json dependencies from the last time an install occurred.

Default Config

npmWeb: {
  modules: []

modules array of strings

An array of strings representing the modules you would like to install. The string should correspond to the name of a NPM installed module in your project. For each module string, there should be a node_modules folder.

Example Config

npmWeb: {
  modules: ["chai", "jquery", "when"]

Running Tests

  • git pull project
  • cd mimosa-npm-web-dependencies
  • mimosa mod:install
  • cd test/test-project
  • npm install
  • mimosa npmweb


A Mimosa module to bundle NPM dependencies for use in your web app using browserify






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