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Workspace Location

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Default location of DBeaver workspace

By default DBeaver stores all its files (configurations, scripts, diagrams, etc) in the following folder:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\DBeaverData\
MacOS ~/Library/DBeaverData/
Linux $XDG_DATA_HOME/DBeaverData/


Folder Location
workspace6 Workspace files for DBeaver 6.1+
drivers Auto downloaded database drivers

Custom location

You can specify custom workspace location by passing parameter -data <path> in the command line. <path> can be absolute or relative directory path.

Old (before DBeaver 6.1.3) default workspace location

OS Location
Windows C:\Users\YourName\.dbeaver4.
Linux ~/.dbeaver4/
MacOS ~/.dbeaver4/

Ancient (before DBeaver 4) default workspace location

OS Location
Windows C:\Users\YourName\.dbeaver.
Linux ~/.dbeaver/
MacOS ~/.dbeaver/

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