Find unused Objective-C imports.
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Find unused Objective-C imports.


gem install fui

Get Help

fui help

Find Unused Classes in the Current Directory

fui find

The find command lists all the files that contain unused imports and exits with the number of files found.

Find Unused Classes in a Path

fui --path=~/source/project/Name find

Find Unused Classes in a Path Skipping Interface Builder (.xib) Files

ForRunning fui with -x (or --ignorexib) will, for example, mark Foo.h as unused when Foo.xib holds a reference to the Foo class and no other references to Foo.h exist.

fui -x --path=~/source/project/Name find

Delete All Unused Class Files w/ Prompt

fui --path=~/source/project/Name delete --perform --prompt

Xcode Plugin

Use xcfui for integration with Xcode.


There're a few feature requests and known issues. Please contribute! See CONTRIBUTING.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2014, Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy, based on code by Dustin Barker.

This project is licensed under the MIT License.