Command line memory status tool for MacOS X, similar to free(1) on Linux.
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A memory usage utility for MacOS X
Author:  David Cantrell <>

See COPYING.LIB for licensing details.


   You need a compiler, some headers, and a Mach-based system.  On Darwin,
   you can type make:


   And out will pop a 'free' executable.  On other systems, it may require
   modification of the Makefile and/or source.


   Either run 'make install' or put the free executable in a public place
   and the man page in a sensible place.


   See free(1).


   This utility is designed to act like 'free' on Linux systems.  It is a
   tool for displaying memory usage statistics.  Since the Mach microkernel
   design is different than Linux, the values reported are not an exact
   duplicate of what you can get from a Linux system.  Be sure to read the
   man page for an explanation of the program output.