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Tournament preparation process on DDNet
3-6 days prior:
- Make a nice screenshot and prepare the msgpack file
- Put the screenshot on too
- Announce on DDNet Forum
- Announce on
- Announce in Client: news
- Also scripts/, first days only lower lines, comment out upper ones
Crontab all servers to run every 2 hours
24 hours before:
- Change scripts/ to run the upper part and write some nice messages
Crontab all servers to run every minute (yes, will only print every hour at the start, then faster)
- Prepare the right Tournament scripts:
scripts/ for regular team quick tournaments (first wins)
scripts/ for the same on solo maps
scripts/ for best time wins on solo maps
Edit the tournament file
Example run: scripts/ Solo > /var/www/tournaments/38/index.html
During the night/morning before (after 1 AM):
- Edit motd/tournament.cfg based on info about the map and the current news from maps/*.map.cfg
- Edit on each server (except to run a nice map before the tournament, also make sure the other server settings are right
- When the server is empty, run ./
- Usually only on GER: When a server is full later, edit to add another server
- Prepare on, update it to all servers
Use a fun loading screen
- Make sure all times are correct on servers, only do an ntp sync when servers are empty as it times everyone out
Without NTP can also do: date -s "$(wget -qSO- --max-redirect=0 2>&1 | grep Date: | cut -d' ' -f5-8)Z"
1 hour before:
- cssh ddnet and abc
- Occasionally write something interesting or useful, for example at 40 min and 20 min explain the tournament
- Edit on locations with multiple servers to include them
- Connect to all/many interesting servers to watch
- Set livestream on website when it goes online
2 minutes before:
- Stop crontab scripts, write manually with abc
- When Tournament starts, switch to ./ > servers/83{03,04,05}.fifo (all tournament servers)
- Upload the Tournament map (don't add it to votes) and ./
Make sure the Tournament map is on all servers
Tournament starts:
- ./
- Make sure the Tournament map loads everywhere
- Broadcast interesting events of the tournament
- Periodically run scripts/ > /var/www/tournaments/xx/index.html
Tournament finished:
- Announce the winners
- Add the map to types/*/maps and ./ (This also turns the Tournament servers into regular servers again)