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First, show an error message when the current branch can't be found (e.g. because we're not in a git repository) - applies to git-incoming and git-outgoing.

Also, add git-rstatus, which shows status incoming and outgoing (and does a fetch so that incoming is actually up to date).

configurator added some commits Aug 23, 2012
@configurator configurator Show an error message when the current branch can't be found (e.g. be…
…cause we're not in a git repository).
@configurator configurator Add remote status operation (rstatus), which shows status, incoming a…
…nd outgoing.
@configurator configurator Remove color-first-word, which isn't part of this repository and shou…
…ldn't have been committed in the first

@configurator configurator Add a list of current stashes to git-rstatus. 12a29e5
@configurator configurator git-sync: When there are no local changes, pulls then pushes. 6617ccd
@configurator configurator Don't call git rm with empty lists dedf81e
@configurator configurator Consolide the branch selection for git-incoming and git-outgoing; use…
… it for git-rstatus as well.
@configurator configurator Add the option to stash when calling git sync. 60e9d91
@configurator configurator - Add the option to not fetch in git rstatus.
- Disable the pager in git rstatus, as it pages over each part intead of the entire thing.
@configurator configurator When calling git sync --stash, only pop the stash if we actually save…
…d something in it.
@configurator configurator Use fetch-rebase-push when syncing, instead of merge. Accept paramete…
…r to control repo & branch.
@configurator configurator Simplify git-rstatus and git-sync with a bash include file. f30c794
@configurator configurator - Make sync --rebase an option.
- 2 bugfixes in git sync
@configurator configurator Add branch when pulling so syncing with non-origin sources still works. 2ab5fc8
@configurator configurator Make readlink work correctly, as well as starting git-incoming and gi…
…t-outgoing, when links are not setup.
@configurator configurator Use --no-pager for incoming and outgoing from within git-rstatus 7007b88
@configurator configurator Use true/false instead of 1/0 5f4bd5d
@configurator configurator Use branch name when pushing as well as pulling; imporve help message. f32c074
@configurator configurator Merge branch 'master' of gh:ddollar/git-utils
ddollar commented Nov 7, 2014

Hello. I apologize for not responding earlier but I am currently declaring Github bankruptcy. If this pull request or issue is still valid please feel free to re-open and explain.

@ddollar ddollar closed this Nov 7, 2014
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