Various Git helper utilities
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Many of these have been grabbed from various sources around the interwebs. I unfortunately was terrible about
keeping track of where they came from. If I have one of your scripts in this collection and you would like
credit (or removal) just contact me at

git-addremove         # add/remove all changes from the index, similar to hg addremove
git-incoming          # shows incoming commits from the tracked (or specified) branch
git-index             # show the current staging area
git-last              # git last 3 (show the last 3 commits)
git-outgoing          # show outgoing commits to the tracked (or specified) branch
git-patch             # format a patch and put it into ~/Documents/Patches/<Project>/<branch>.patch
git-pull-request      # manipulate github pull requests
git-rank-contributors # rank all project contributors
git-rm-conflicts      # clean up all merge conflicts
git-switch            # like checkout, but with auto-stash
git-wip               # store a current "work in progress" commit
git-unwip             # break a work in progress commit bringing the changes back to unstaged
git-wtf               # show the current status of your git repository, including feature branches

Many of these scripts come from