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A simple script to get songs from youtube in mp3 format with all tags from itunes
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YouTube Music Downloader

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  • Python 3.x
  • ffmpeg


  • Hate your stable life? Love living on the bleeding edge?

    Clone the repo and install manually.

    git clone && cd ytmdl && sudo python install
  • Get the last released version?

    Available in AUR here

    yay -S ytmdl

    Available in PyPi here

    pip install ytmdl

    Please install ffmpeg manually


usage: ytmdl [-h] [-q] [--choice CHOICE] [--artist ARTIST] [--album ALBUM]
             [--version] [--url URL] [--disable-metaadd] [-s]
             [--list PATH TO LIST] [--nolocal]

positional arguments:
  SONG_NAME            Name of the song to download.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -q, --quiet          Don't ask the user to select songs if more than one
                       search result. The first result in each case will be
  --choice CHOICE      The choice that the user wants to go for. Usefull to
                       pass along with --quiet. Choices start at 1
  --artist ARTIST      Name of the artist
  --album ALBUM        Name of the album.
  --version            show the program version number and exit
  --url URL            Youtube song link.
  --disable-metaadd    Disable addition of passed artist and album keyword to
                       the youtube search in order to get a more accurate
                       result. (Default: false)
  -s, --setup          Setup the config file
  --list PATH TO LIST  Download list of songs. The list should have one song
                       name in every line.
  --nolocal            Dont search locally for the song before downloading.

Change Defaults

The defaults can be changed by editing the config file in ytmdl folder in your .config folder

Supported options to change are:

SONG_DIR Directory to save the songs in after editing
SONG_QUALITY Quality of the song

SONG_DIR also takes values that are extracted from the song

Example format is /your/desired/path$Album->Artist->Title to save in the following way

Adding any tag at the end of the SONG_DIR between [] will be considered the name of the song.

Example format is /your/desired/path$Album->Artist->[Title] to save in the following way

Supported options are:

Artist Artist Of the Song
Album Album Of the Song
Title Title Of the Song
Genre Genre Of the Song
TrackNumber TrackNumber Of the Song
ReleaseDate ReleaseDate Of the Song


  • Inspired from

  • Thanks to the developers of youtube-dl, itunespy, mutagen, colorama and Python.

  • Thanks to itunes and gaana for their awesome API's.

  • Thanks to Nishan Pantha for search logic.

  • Thanks to Biswaroop for testing in windows.

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