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Throw a more useful error when unable to resolve an nonexistent class. #16

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John Yanarella
John Yanarella

When the Injector is asked to resolve an identifier that references nonexistent (or non-required) class, the changes in Issue #11 cause it fail with an error related to availability of classReference.singleton rather than letting the developer know that the class was not found.

Current error message:

TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'classDefinition.singleton')

It should instead tell the developer the class definition wasn't found.

Add better error handling and reporting for this situation.

John Yanarella

Scheduled for inclusion in v0.6.6.

John Yanarella johnyanarella closed this issue from a commit
John Yanarella johnyanarella Injector throws a more useful error when unable to resolve an nonexis…
…tent or not yet `Ext.require()`-ed class.

Improved error handling and reporting associated with configuring the Injector with classes that have either not yet been `Ext.require()`-ed or do not exist.
Added logic similar to `Ext.ClassManager::instantiate()` for warning and synchronously loading classes that were not `Ext.require()`-ed before configuring `Deft.Injector`.

Fixes #16
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