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manpage: update middleware-related documentation

-N/--no-default-middleware needs a corresponding manpage entry.

Additionally, the Rack::Chunked/ContentLength middleware comment
is out-of-date as of unicorn v4.1.0
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1 parent db919d1 commit 64765b95df06256d39daefdeebde97c874770131 Eric Wong committed Jan 29, 2013
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@@ -61,6 +61,10 @@ with rackup(1) but strongly discouraged.
For production deployments, specifying the "listen" directive in
CONFIG_FILE is recommended as it allows fine-tuning of socket
+-N, \--no-default-middleware
+: Disables loading middleware implied by RACK_ENV. This bypasses the
+ configuration documented in the RACK ENVIRONMENT section, but still
+ allows RACK_ENV to be used for application/framework-specific purposes.
-o, \--host HOST
@@ -144,10 +148,10 @@ As of Unicorn 0.94.0, RACK_ENV is exported as a process-wide environment
variable as well. While not current a part of the Rack specification as
of Rack 1.0.1, this has become a de facto standard in the Rack world.
-Note that the Rack::ContentLength and Rack::Chunked middlewares
-are never loaded by default. If needed, they should be
-individually specified in the RACKUP_FILE, some frameworks do
-not require them.
+Note the Rack::ContentLength and Rack::Chunked middlewares are also
+loaded by "deployment" and "development", but no other values of
+RACK_ENV. If needed, they must be individually specified in the
+RACKUP_FILE, some frameworks do not require them.

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