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A sublime-like syntax highlighter

# highlight a file
paint ./file.xx --theme="oceanic next" > index.html

# replace <pre> blocks with highlighted code
paint replace --watch ./plain.html -o highlighted.html

👉 Output Demo
💾 Precompiled Binaries

Written in Rust, built with @trishume's fantastic syntect library.

Why (not pygments)

I want html code snippets that look like my text editor.

For some languages, pygments (or highlight.js) is kinda bland:

Sublime & VS Code have so much more detail! Why? They use more complex parsing grammars than pygments does. Compare the ~70 line rule set that pygments uses for JavaScript with this fatty 1500 line grammar in Sublime. These grammars allow for more sophisticated styling in color schemes.

Now this example is a bit contrived. JavaScript is usually the worst offender with pygments, and not all themes even take advantage of the extra information Sublime provides. But generally, I think the added detail makes a difference in visually parsing text.

To scratch my own itch, I wanted something that:

  • looked like what I see in Sublime / VS Code / Github
  • had some good defaults out of the box
  • could fit into some sort of workflow

How to use

I thought about a few ways I might use this and broke it into some workflows:

• Get the css once, then highlight individual snippets:

1- Get the css

paint css "github" >> main.css

2- Get highlighted html, paste somewhere in <body>

# Get contents of whole file, or parts with --selection=X-Y
paint ./file.xx --html-only | clip

# Or, copy the text you want to add to a page:
paste | paint --filetype="xx" --html-only | clip

Piping into clip (or pbcopy or xclip) is the bees knees.

• Automatically highlight all code blocks within a document:

paint replace ./raw.html > highlighted.html

# also with watch mode, will re-highlight on file save
paint replace --watch ./raw.html --out highlighted.html

Looks for <pre data-paint="xx"></pre> blocks within a document and highlights everything inside them, where xx is the filetype to use (like using code fences in markdown: ```rust). Add other data attributes to enable other settings.

👉 Example

• Package everything into a script, embed like a gist:

Emulates the functionality of github gists. Outputs a small script that you can load from another page. Could be useful to keep a page clean from the noisy markup of highlighted examples.

paint ./file.xx --embed > example.js
<div class="embedded">
    <script src="./example.js"></script>

👉 Example


Grab precompiled binaries from the latest release or install from source:

cargo install paint


  • On windows you'll need to run vcvarsall.bat x64 first in order to compile syntect.
    My vcvarsall (VS2015) was at: \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat

Complete Usage & Features

Noteworthy features not weren't mentioned yet:

  • line numbers
  • selecting lines X-Y of a file
  • adding a highlight to certain lines


    -b, --border          Wrap output in a border
        --css-inline      Put styles inline instead of using classes
        --css-only        Output css only
        --embed           Emit a js embed script instead of html
    -f, --footer          Adds footer
    -g, --gist-like       Adds line numbers, border, and header
        --help            Prints help information
    -h, --header          Adds header
        --html-only       Output html only
    -n, --line-numbers    Include line numbers
    -V, --version         Prints version information

        --css-prefix <prefix>    CSS style prefix, defaults to ".paint"
        --filetype <type>        Specify the filetype when using stdin
        --highlight <lines>      Highlight lines: X[-Y][,...]
    -o, --out <file>             Save result to file instead of stdout
        --selection <lines>      Only include range of lines: N-M
        --syntax <file>          Use given .sublime-syntax for syntax parsing
    -t, --theme <name/path>      Theme name or .tmTheme path, (defaults to "github")
        --title <string>         Title to use for the header or footer

    <FILE>    File to highlight

    css              Generate css for a theme
    help             Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    replace          Replaces html <pre> blocks in <FILE> with a highlighted version.
                     You need to specify language type w/: <pre data-paint="xx">
                     Enable watch mode with --watch




A sublime-like syntax highlighter




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