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Liquid democracy smart contract implementation
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Liquid Democracy as a smart contract

🚨🚧 Everything in this repo is still a work in progress and higly experimental. It is not secure to use any of this code in production (mainnet) until proper security audits have been conducted.

This is a smart contract implementation (dapp) in the Ethereum blockchain of a liquid democracy with three initial main functionalities: vote(), delegate() and revoke(). It mainly consists of LiquidDemocracy.sol and its corresponding test file LiquidDemocracy.test.js. This is the starting point of a roadmap that seeks to bridge Sovereign app with blockchain features. Please make sure you check out the project board and the milestones for more information.

The most recent version of the dapp is available at For desktop usage, you will need Metamask and a Metamask-supported browser to be able to interact with it. For mobile usage, use a dapp browser / wallet like Toshi.


PRs and feedback are welcomed. A good place to start is to review the current open issues, please feel free to engage with us by commenting in a specific issue. Remember you can also check out the project board to understand what's being worked on now and what is coming up next.

Dapp development is discussed actively in the slack channel #developers in

The dapp consists of mailnly two elements, contracts and frontend, located respectively in the following folders:

  • contracts: Solidity contracts, to be deployed to a local or remote blockchain.
  • dApp-Srv-Exp: JS frontend built using npm, bower and http-server

Development dependencies

How to run

Compile, deploy and copy compiled contracts to frontend

Choose the environment. Use development for local environment (start ganache before) or ropsten for Ropsten Ethereum test network in remote environment.

$ npm install
$ truffle compile
$ truffle migrate --network [development / ropsten]
$ cp build/contracts/* dApp-Svr-Exp/contracts/

Start frontend

$ npm start


You will be able to access the dapp at http://localhost:8080 in development mode. Make sure to set Metamask to the right environment (private network or Ropsten), and also make sure to provision necessary gas for each case:

Local environment

Import private keys from Ganache into Metamask (Accounts -> Import account)

Remote environment

Use a Ropsten faucet. e.g.:

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