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Dennix is a unix-like hobbyist operating system written from scratch.
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Dennix is a unix-like hobbyist operating system for x86 written from scratch. It includes its own monolithic kernel written in C++, a standard C library, a shell and userspace utilities written in C.


To build Dennix you will first need to install a cross toolchain for Dennix. The command make install-toolchain will download, build and install the toolchain. The installation script can be configured using environment variables. You can use the command ./build-aux/ --help to get information about these environment variables.

You will probably want to set $PREFIX to a path where you want the toolchain to be installed. After the toolchain has been installed you need to add $PREFIX/bin to your $PATH. Finally you can run make to build a bootable cdrom image.


Dennix is free software and is licensed under the terms of the ISC license. The full license terms can be found in the LICENSE file.

Please note that this license only applies to Dennix itself. Any third-party ports that are included in release images are released under their own licenses. The licenses for all ports are available in the /share/licenses directory of the release image.

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