Format and beautify nginx config files via this module
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nginx config file formatter and beautifier

This module beautifies and formats Nginx configuration files like so:

  • all lines are indented in uniform manner, with 4 spaces per level
  • neighbouring empty lines are collapsed to at most two empty lines
  • curly braces placement follows Java convention
  • whitespaces are collapsed, except in comments an quotation marks

Need to format quickly?

Use vasilevich website:


npm install nginxbeautify

const fs = require('fs');

let file = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/nginx.conf').toString();
let Beautify = require('nginxbeautify');
let instance = new Beautify({tabs: 1});



let Beautify = require('nginxbeautify');
let instance = new Beautify({
    spaces: 0,
    tabs: 0,
    dontJoinCurlyBracet: true


Michał Słomkowski - Original code was ported from their project(, and also used their as a template. Some methods were rewritten or changed a bit, but most of the code follows their design.

Yosef - Porter of the Python code to js: check out his awesome nginxbeautifier from where this project was forked from.

Denys Vitali - Creator of this module


I am keeping the same licenese format as the one that was given by the owner of the project the code was ported from: Apache 2.0.