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A simple script that demonstrates how to use Dependabot Core
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Dependabot Update Script Dependabot Status

This repo contains two scripts that demonstrates Dependabot Core. It is intended to give you a feel for how Dependabot Core works so that you can use it in your own project.

If you're looking for a hosted, feature-rich dependency updater then you probably want Dependabot itself.

Setup and usage

  • rbenv install (Install Ruby version from .ruby-version)
  • bundle install

Native helpers

Languages that require native helpers to be installed: Terraform, Python, Go (Dep & Modules), Elixir, PHP, JS

To install the native helpers, export an environment variable that points to the directory into which the helpers should be installed and add the relevant bins to your PATH:

  • export DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH="$(pwd)/native-helpers"
  • mkdir -p $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/{terraform,python,dep,go_modules,hex,composer,npm_and_yarn}

Copy the relevant helpers from the gem source to the new install location

Language Command
Terraform cp $(bundle show dependabot-terraform)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/terraform/helpers
Python cp $(bundle show dependabot-python)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/python/helpers
Go Dep cp $(bundle show dependabot-dep)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/dep/helpers
Go Modules cp $(bundle show dependabot-go_modules)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/go_modules/helpers
Elixir cp $(bundle show dependabot-hex)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/hex/helpers
PHP cp $(bundle show dependabot-composer)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/composer/helpers
JS cp $(bundle show dependabot-npm_and_yarn)/helpers $DEPENDABOT_NATIVE_HELPERS_PATH/npm_and_yarn/helpers

Build the helpers you want to use (you'll also need the corresponding language installed)

Language Command

Running update-script.rb

  • bundle exec irb
  • Edit the variables at the top of the script you're using, or set the corresponding environment variables.
  • Copy and paste the script into the Ruby session to see how Dependabot works.

If you run into any trouble with the above please create an issue!

GitLab CI

The easiest configuration is to have a repository dedicated to the script. Many pipeline schedules can be added on that single repo to manage multiple projects.
Thus https://[gitlab.domain/org/dependabot-script-repo]/pipeline_schedules dashboard becomes your own dependabot admin interface.

The scripts

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