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Child theme of twenty seventeen theme with multilingual features.

This bundled theme twenty sixteen is introduced with WordPress 4.7. The child theme '-xili' here is made to incorporate multilingual features et fixes for better live translation.

In functions.php file, some examples of commented source are shipped to be used in another themes...

Online demo website is here :


  1. WordPress 4.7 + and updated twentyseventeen
  2. a child theme needs his parent theme
  3. xili-language version 2.22+ (with new theme-multilingual-classes and custom flags in media library)
  4. xili-language plugin must be activated. The plugin is available here
  5. After installation or updating, it is recommanded to refresh permalinks (and empty the browser cache too)
  6. After decompressing "master" .zip from Github, only upload the folder twentyseventeen-xili (near the to themes folder , the child-theme files expect to be finally in wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen-xili/!
  7. Before updating, don’t forget to backup your own .mo language files

Third release for tests - 2017-04-21

  1. needs parent theme 1.2 (fixes shipped with WP 4.7.4)

Second release for tests - 2017-01-12

  1. needs parent theme 1.1 (will many fixes for header and JS)

First release for tests - 2017-01-04

  1. with 2017 version 01 shipped here
  2. starts implementation of child files to activate multilingual features
  3. latest version (in test) of xili-language is here



Multilingual child theme of bundled twenty seventeen



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