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Preact integration for Redux (no shim needed!)
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Wraps react-redux up for Preact, without using preact-compat.

Think of this as a version of react-redux that is pre-aliased to use preact in place of React.

See preact-redux-example: a full working example of redux + preact using preact-redux!

Usage Example

This is a contrived example. Please refer to Redux's Usage with React documentation for details on how to work with Redux from Preact.

import { Provider, connect } from 'preact-redux';
import { h, render } from 'preact';

const Main = () => (
	<Provider store={store}>
		<Child />

const Child = connect(
	state => state
)( ({ text, setText }) => (
	<input value={text} onInput={e => setText(} />
) );

render(<Main />, document.body);



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