Parable is a PHP micro-framework, intended to just let you do your thing.
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Parable PHP Framework

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Parable is a small and no-nonsense PHP framework, meant to be fast, readable and written in a way where it's not bogging you down with unnecessary rules and limitations. Developed with the goal of building small web applications and REST APIs.

Parable has been in pre-release for a long time (and for many versions) but a 1.0.0 release, which will also bring documentation, is a goal for 2017.


  • PHP 5.6, PHP 7.x
  • Composer


Parable can be installed by using Composer. Simply run:

composer require devvoh/parable

After you've run the above command, you'll have a composer.json, composer.lock and a vendor folder. Parable is in there, but it's not quite ready to be used. To initialize Parable's folder structure and files, run the following command:

vendor/bin/parable init-structure

Now you're ready! Simply open the (properly installed apache2 & php 5.6 or 7.x) url it's in in your browser and you should see a welcome page.

If you want to use nginx or another browser, that's cool too, but you'll have to set up url rewriting rules yourself.

Getting Started

After you've run parable init-structure, you should have a basic structure to work from. The example files show most of what you'll need to build something. The example \Config\App file includes some of the most important things Parable itself will listen to.

Now, if you want to keep this out of your git (or other vcs) repository, you can place this in a separate config file and exclude it using a .gitignore file. Parable will attempt to load any Config files located in app/Config.

Documentation & More

Since the API of Parable was in heavy flux, no documentation has been attempted yet. With the release of 0.11.0, the API is pretty much set for now, and the documentation writing process will start.


Any questions or constructive feedback? Find me at or ask me a question by adding an issue on github. I generally respond fairly quickly, since this is a passion project, after all.


Parable PHP Framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.