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neiesc commented Aug 1, 2020

Add minimalist frameworks for (or others):

  • Framework for CSS
  • Web Framework for C
  • Database framework for PHP
  • Frameworks for Front-end JS
  • Web framework for Go
  • Web framework for Haskell
  • Web framework for Java
  • Web framework for JavaScript
  • Web framework for Lua
  • Web framework for Node.js
  • Web framework for Perl
  • Web framework for PHP
  • Web framework for Python
  • Web f
ikhoon commented Mar 19, 2020

In our codebase, we push RequestContext and immediately run some code with try-with-resources.
For example:

try (SafeCloseable ignored = ctx.push()) {

If RequestContext provides run(Runnable) or call(Callable) we can reduce boilerplate code and simplify it. -> logger.trace(decorate(msg));

This is inspired by g

stefkes commented Mar 19, 2020

Installation of Laravel Zero with the command below

laravel-zero new TestApp

Results in output

Writing lock file
Generating optimized autoload files
> @php application app:rename
Renaming the application...

 What is your application name?:


Script @php application app:rename handling the post-create-project-cmd event returned with error code 1

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