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package jwt
// Implements the none signing method. This is required by the spec
// but you probably should never use it.
var SigningMethodNone *signingMethodNone
const UnsafeAllowNoneSignatureType unsafeNoneMagicConstant = "none signing method allowed"
var NoneSignatureTypeDisallowedError error
type signingMethodNone struct{}
type unsafeNoneMagicConstant string
func init() {
SigningMethodNone = &signingMethodNone{}
NoneSignatureTypeDisallowedError = NewValidationError("'none' signature type is not allowed", ValidationErrorSignatureInvalid)
RegisterSigningMethod(SigningMethodNone.Alg(), func() SigningMethod {
return SigningMethodNone
func (m *signingMethodNone) Alg() string {
return "none"
// Only allow 'none' alg type if UnsafeAllowNoneSignatureType is specified as the key
func (m *signingMethodNone) Verify(signingString, signature string, key interface{}) (err error) {
// Key must be UnsafeAllowNoneSignatureType to prevent accidentally
// accepting 'none' signing method
if _, ok := key.(unsafeNoneMagicConstant); !ok {
return NoneSignatureTypeDisallowedError
// If signing method is none, signature must be an empty string
if signature != "" {
return NewValidationError(
"'none' signing method with non-empty signature",
// Accept 'none' signing method.
return nil
// Only allow 'none' signing if UnsafeAllowNoneSignatureType is specified as the key
func (m *signingMethodNone) Sign(signingString string, key interface{}) (string, error) {
if _, ok := key.(unsafeNoneMagicConstant); ok {
return "", nil
return "", NoneSignatureTypeDisallowedError
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