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VIM Zoom v0.3

A simple plugin to toggle zoom of current window within the current tab.

This is heavily inspired from tmux's zoom pane feature.


Use your favorite plugin manager to install this plugin (recommended).

If however you don't use a plugin manager such as pathogen, vundle, neobundle, vim-plug then you can copy all files within this repository directly within your ~/.vim folder. (not recommended)


Simply use the provided mapping <C-W>m to toggle zoom in and out for the current window


VIM Zoom provides zoom#statusline() API to be used for adding 'zoomed' status to your statusline while your window is zoomed. You may add this to your statusline like this :

set statusline+=%{zoom#statusline()}

If you're using some complex statusline plugin, you may need to refer to it's documentation to figure out how to add this to your statusline.


Reporting an Issue :

Use Github Issue Tracker

Contributing to code :

  • Fork it.
  • Commit your changes and give your commit message some love.
  • Push to your fork on github.
  • Open a Pull Request.


This plugin was heavily inspired by tmux's zoom pane feature.