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Check the links below for the content of courses and the installation instructions.


Below is a table listing each DHRI session--under the "Sessions" column--and instructions to install the corresponding software that is needed to follow that session--under the "Software Installations" column. Some software installations are listed more than once, but only need to be installed once per computer. Click the hyperlinked name of the software--for example, VScode--to view the instructions to complete the installation of that software.

Session Software Installation Instructions
Command Line VScode, git
Git and Github VScode, git
Python VScode, Python
Databases Python, Pandas
Text-Analysis Python, NLTK
Mapping QGIS
HTML/CSS VScode, Firefox
Digital Ethics
Twitter API Python, Tweepy

Additional Guides

These are two additional guides you may reference to assist with Conda and Jupyter Notebook:

Conda Package Management
Jupyter Notebook

Account Creations

Once you have finished installing all of the necessary software please create the following accounts:

Please provide both your GitHub and Twitter handles to one of the instructors.

All install guides above are based on work by: Hannah Aizenman, Michelle McSweeney, Rachel Rakov, Rafael Davis Portela, and Stefano Morello.

Creative Commons License

Digital Research Institute (DRI) Curriculum by Graduate Center Digital Initiatives is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at When sharing this material or derivative works, preserve this paragraph, changing only the title of the derivative work, or provide comparable attribution.

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