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This is a Javascript Lorem Ipsum generator, created for, a brazilian dummy text generator. You can use it to develop anything that concerns Mussum Ipsum (like a plugin for Sublime or Atom or whatever), or to create your own customized Lorem Ipsum.

Add it to your project using NPM:

npm install mipsum --save


yarn add mipsum

Since v2.3.2 it can be also imported as a module. Example:

import { mIpsum } from 'mipsum'

const myLoremIpsum = mIpsum({
  pNum: 1,
  resultType: 'text',

You can also just download the code, add mipsum.min.js to your project and call it on your JS.

<script src="path/to/mipsum.min.js"></script>

mIpsum was created using vanilla Javascript, to allow you to decide if you want to include it in any context, some use examples:

vanilla JS

const mussumIpsum = mIpsum({ pNum: 10 }); // Put how many paragraphs you want
document.querySelector('body').innerHtml = mussumIpsum;

the same thing with jQuery

const mussumIpsum = mIpsum({ pNum: 10 });

There are other customized options available to you. More examples at demo/index.html


Key Type Default Description
pNum Number 1 Number of paragraphs requested
quotes Array mussumQuotes Array of quotes to generate paragraphs
mainQuote String mussumMainQuote Main quote to start your "Lorem Ipsum"
genLimit Number 1000 Limit of paragraphs that can be requested
resultType String html Format of the response, choose between: html, text or array
tagBefore String <p> Anything you want to put before each paragraph (valid only with html resultType)
tagAfter String </p> Anything you want to put after each paragraph (valid only with html resultType)
pQuotes Number 4 Number of quotes used to build a paragraph

The options can be set on an object passed as a parameter, like the example below:

  pNum: 1,
  quotes: [
    'Hi, my name is, what?',
    'My name is, who?',
    'Hi, my name is, huh?',
    'My name is, chka-chka',
  mainQuote: 'Slim Shady',
  genLimit: 1000,
  resultType: 'html',
  tagBefore: '<p>',
  tagAfter: '</p>',
  pQuotes: 4

To contribute

Fork the repository, clone it on your local folder. Create your branch.

To start developing, just run npm install to install all packages, and then npm start should launch a live demo at your http://localhost:8080.

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Mussum Ipsum REST API

Created by Diego Esteves under The MIT License (MIT)

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