Demo for WebXR and BT tech
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WebXR + Web Bluetooth demo

A demo by Diego González-Zúñiga and Peter O'Shaughnessy, presented at GDG DevFest Ukraine and Heapcon. A web-based VR experience which uses real-time sensor data from a Nordic Thingy, a small multi-sensor device accessible via Bluetooth Low Energy. The virtual world adapts to the data from the physical world.


  • Requires a browser and device which supports Web Bluetooth.
  • Switch on the Nordic Thingy and press the 'Connect' button.
  • After a few seconds, live data from the Thingy should become visible on the right hand side of the page.
  • The amount of rain is linked to the real-world humidity percentage that we obtain from the Thingy 🌧️
  • To see the adaptive lighting, try holding the bottom of the Thingy up to a window, or shine a torch under it. 🔦
  • Tilt the Thingy backwards and forwards to make the parrot nod up and down. 🐦
  • Press the button to make the parrot sqwawk! 🗯️

For more information and a demo video, see our blog post here.