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privately maintained & patched fork of pidgin nateon plugin
C Objective-C Shell
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adium Feature to change alias-format. (Iteratively)
debian TICK 명령 지원
pixmaps Removed outputs
po Untraking autogen generated files
src Removed outputs
.gitignore Ignore tmp autotools related files + objs/libs/etc.
AUTHORS git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
COPYING git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
ChangeLog TICK 명령 지원
INSTALL Updated INSTALL instructions. mingw관련 수정, internal.h를 src디렉토리로 넣음
Makefile.mingw mingw 수정
NEWS git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
README svn120 패키지, #21 해결됨 Corrected (was in wrong order)
compile git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
config.guess sms전송오류, #47 해결됨
config.h.mingw mingw관련 수정, internal.h를 src디렉토리로 넣음
config.sub sms전송오류, #47 해결됨 Updated linux configure scripts
depcomp git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
install-sh git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
missing git-svn-id: 82896e0d-e826-041…
mkinstalldirs gettext 추가수정, 번역모두적용, #17 해결됨


HazE <> (current maintainer)

pidgin-nateon is a NateOn protocol plugin.


Read the 'INSTALL' file for more detailed directions.
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