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Website for (offline) recovery of BitBox02 backups.
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BitBox02 Backup Recovery Tool

This tool can be used to restore a BIP39 wallet seed phrase from a BitBox02 backup. Open the backup.html file with your browser, select the file from the SD card in the tool and it will generate a BIP39 seed for you.


Re-Generating the Protobuf Messages

Instal the protobufjs tool globally with:

npm install -g protobuf.js

Then run:

pbjs -t static-module -w commonjs -o ./js/protobuf_backup_messages.js ./messages/backup.proto

Bundling for web view

On first use download the node modules while in the project's root directory with:

npm install

Also install browserify globally:

npm install -g browserify

The protobuf generated js/protobuf_backup_messages.js file is then bundled with the protobuf and bip39 dependencies into the js/get_backup.js file with browserify:

browserify js/get_backup.js -o js/get_backup_bundled.js

The generated js/get_backup_bundled.js script is the only included script in backup.html.

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