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Latest commit af20a56 Jun 23, 2016 @evildmp evildmp committed on GitHub Fixed broken references across the documentation (#5427)
In many places in the documentation, we have used references
of the form:


to the referent:

    ..  class:: cms.models.pluginmodel.CMSPlugin


        ..  method:: copy_relations()

Often, this has not been done correctly, with either the
directive or the role that links to it incorrectly formatted, and
the directive often simply missing.

This patch fixes 176 warnings across the documentation.
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django CMS Code Climate

Open source enterprise content management system based on the Django framework.

Try demo with Aldryn Cloud


To propose significant new features, open pull requests based on and made against the develop branch. It's the branch for features that will go into the next django CMS feature release.

To propose fixes and backwards-compatible improvements, please work on the latest release branch. This is the branch that will become the next PyPI release ("the next version of django CMS").

Security fixes will be backported to older branches by the core team as appropriate.


  • hierarchical pages
  • extensive built-in support for multilingual websites
  • multi-site support
  • draft/publish workflows
  • version control
  • a sophisticated publishing architecture, that's also usable in your own applications
  • frontend content editing
  • a hierarchical content structure for nested plugins
  • an extensible navigation system that your own applications can hook into
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • designed to integrate thoroughly into other applications

Developing applications that integrate with and take advantage of django CMS features is easy and well-documented.

More information on our website.


django CMS requires Django 1.8, and Python 2.7, 3.3 or 3.4.


Please head over to our documentation for all the details on how to install, extend and use the django CMS.


Quick Start

You can use the django CMS installer:

$ pip install --upgrade virtualenv
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
(env) $ pip install djangocms-installer
(env) $ mkdir myproject && cd myproject
(env) $ djangocms -f -p . my_demo
(env) $ python

Getting Help

Please head over to our IRC channel, #django-cms, on or write to our mailing list.

If you don't have an IRC client, you can join our IRC channel using the KiwiIRC web client, which works pretty well.

Commercial support

This project is backed by Divio. If you need help implementing or hosting django CMS, please contact us:


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