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Fixed #16841 - Documented a couple ModelAdmin methods

* ModelAdmin.get_changelist_form and get_changelist_formset
* InlineModelAdmin.get_formset

Thanks Jordan Reiter for the report.
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1 parent 965cc0b commit 39f5bc7fc3a4bb43ed8a1358b17fe0521a1a63ac @timgraham timgraham committed Nov 3, 2012
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@@ -1233,10 +1233,39 @@ templates used by the :class:`ModelAdmin` views:
.. method:: ModelAdmin.get_changelist(self, request, **kwargs)
- Returns the Changelist class to be used for listing. By default,
+ Returns the ``Changelist`` class to be used for listing. By default,
``django.contrib.admin.views.main.ChangeList`` is used. By inheriting this
class you can change the behavior of the listing.
+.. method:: ModelAdmin.get_changelist_form(self, request, **kwargs)
+ Returns a :class:`~django.forms.ModelForm` class for use in the ``Formset``
+ on the changelist page. To use a custom form, for example::
+ class MyForm(forms.ModelForm):
+ class Meta:
+ model = MyModel
+ class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
+ def get_changelist_form(self, request, **kwargs):
+ return MyForm
+.. method:: ModelAdmin.get_changelist_formset(self, request, **kwargs)
+ Returns a :ref:`ModelFormSet <model-formsets>` class for use on the
+ changelist page if :attr:`~ModelAdmin.list_editable` is used. To use a
+ custom formset, for example::
+ from django.forms.models import BaseModelFormSet
+ class MyAdminFormSet(BaseModelFormSet):
+ pass
+ class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
+ def get_changelist_formset(self, request, **kwargs):
+ kwargs['formset'] = MyAdminFormSet
+ return super(MyModelAdmin, self).get_changelist_formset(request, **kwargs)
.. method:: ModelAdmin.has_add_permission(self, request)
Should return ``True`` if adding an object is permitted, ``False``
@@ -1552,6 +1581,10 @@ The ``InlineModelAdmin`` class adds:
Specifies whether or not inline objects can be deleted in the inline.
Defaults to ``True``.
+.. method:: InlineModelAdmin.get_formset(self, request, obj=None, **kwargs)
+ Returns a ``BaseInlineFormSet`` class for use in admin add/change views.
+ See the example for :class:`ModelAdmin.get_formsets`.
Working with a model with two or more foreign keys to the same parent model

2 comments on commit 39f5bc7


I followed the Writing your first patch for Django here, and when I run PYTHONPATH=.. python --settings=test_sqlite in the tests/, I got an error says "SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xc6' in file /path/to/dir/django/tests/regressiontests/utils/ on line 26, but no encoding declared; see for details". Then I open /path/to/dir/django/tests/regressiontests/utils/ and added # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- at the top fixed it.


Hi Shellbye, I'm not sure about that error, but please try using the latest version of the tutorial. To get help use the the django-core-mentorship mailing list or the #django-dev IRC channel. Thanks!

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