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add trac installation step to README #46

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Should close #28


How do you serve the trac site locally? (i.e. runserver won't interact with it as far as I know). Not sure there's a use in including these instructions without that?


It's been a while since I submitted this PR, and from my comment it seems this should've helped close issue #28.

Unfortunately I can't view the issues (looks like they've been closed), so it's tough for me to say. I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have included this step if it wasn't necessary. Any way we can revive that issue so we can see what the original issue was?


I tried restoring github issues, but it didn't restore the old issues. I'm going to close this PR for now, but will keep it in mind in case the need for this documentation arises in the future.

@timgraham timgraham closed this
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@@ -1,6 +1,9 @@
To run locally, do the usual::
-1. Create a virtualenv
+1. Create a virtualenv::
+ virtualenv .
2. Install dependencies::
pip install -r deploy-requirements.txt
@@ -8,26 +11,33 @@ To run locally, do the usual::
If you only need to deploy, and don't need to test any changes,
you can use local-requirements.txt
-3. Set up databases, as per django_website/settings/
+3. Set up your databases, as per django_website/settings/
+4. Install Trac::
+ pip install trac==0.12
+ trac-admin $DIRECTORY_OF_CHOICE initenv
+ Enter in the appropriate info. If you're running PostgreSQL locally, a valid
+ connection string would be `postgres://code.djangoproject@localhost/code.djangoproject`.
-4. Create a 'secrets.json' file in the directoy above the checkout, containing
+5. Create a 'secrets.json' file in the directoy above the checkout, containing
something like::
{ "secret_key": "xyz",
"superfeedr_creds": ["", "some_string"] }
-5. Set up DB::
+6. Sync and migrate your databases::
- ./ syncdb
- ./ migrate
+ ./ syncdb --migrate
./ syncdb --docs
- if you want to run docs site.
+ if you would like to run the docs site.
-6. For docs::
+7. To install documentatin::
./ loaddata doc_releases.json --docs
./ update_docs --docs
@@ -35,9 +45,9 @@ To run locally, do the usual::
- python runserver
+ ./ runserver
This runs as ````. To run locally as
````, use::
- python runserver
+ ./ runserver
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