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Django Packages is a directory of reusable apps, sites, tools, and more for your Django projects.
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Django Packages

Django Packages helps you easily identify and compare good apps, frameworks, plugins, and other types of packages, using comparison grids.


Updates Python 3 Documentation Status


  • Comparison grids with wiki-like editing capability
    • Add packages to grid
    • Add/edit grid features
  • Storage of package info, fetched from public APIs
    • PyPI
    • Github
    • BitBucket
  • Basic search
    • Autocomplete packages/grids
  • Social features:
    • "I use this" button
    • Latest packages featured on homepage
  • "Add package" and "Add grid" forms


For detailed installation instructions, consult the docs.

To download, install and start the local server for development, simply run:

git clone
cd djangopackages
docker-compose -f dev.yml build
cp .env.local.example .env.local
docker-compose -f dev.yml up

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8000 and start hacking!

To run tests, run:

docker-compose -f dev.yml run django python test

The Site

The Documentation

The documentation is hosted at


The code is open-source and licensed under the MIT license.


For Django Dash 2010, @pydanny and @audreyr created Django Packages.

They are joined by a host of core developers and contributors. See

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